Jul 202013

20130717_172353 (1)Just a short post about  the pink path:

It has been about a month since I had my stereotactic breast biopsy.  I wrote about it last week and have received many comments.  Thank you to all who rejoiced with me in regards to a clean bill of health.

My sister Kathy rejoiced with me (as you might imagine).  She had informed me that the plastics factory that she works at manufactures the “needle” that they use to retrieve the suspect tissue.  Just today, I mentioned to her that I was pretty sure that “needle” was not a very accurate description, since it seemed that they actually used an auger to get the sample that they wanted to look at.

My sweet sister agreed – telling me that it was far from what we think of when we talk needles.

Today was the first time I Googled the procedure that I had.  I’m glad that I did not do that before the adventure.  Watching it afterwards made me squeamish, if not downright nauseous.  However, given that it is relatively non-invasive, I am still very glad that I have access to a hospital that can perform it.  And glad that the recovery is quite quick.

If you are curious, check it out here:



Now, my next nausea will  come when I get the bill…

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