Mar 092013

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So what is so noteworthy about my dishwasher that I would write on my blog to tell you about it?

Well,  let me ask you something:  Do you not loathe certain household chores?

Unloading the dishwasher is at the top of my list, or close to it.  Right there along with changing out the toilet paper roll, cleaning the fridge, wiping that greasy cabinet above your stove…  You probably assume that I hate housework.  In actuality, I enjoy housework.  Love it, even.

But there are certain tasks that just aggravate me; unloading the dishwasher being one of them.

So my strategy is this:  minimize how often I have to make myself do it and perfect my technique so it is either:

1. Fast – well sort of

2. Efficient – depends on your definition, or course

3. And, fun.

Yeah, don’t think #3 will ever happen.  But WT heck—I will give it a try.



So, If you haven’t read my previous posts about the dishwasher, take a minute and speedread them.

Dishwasher diaries start here.  And Part 2.  Make a comment so I know you are on the same page, or the same rack with me….

In Part 2, I came up with an idea:  load my silverware tray in such a way as to expedite the download process!  I was supposing that my kids would really think I had gone overboard with this one.  I haven’t asked them yet… Hope they buy what I’m sellin’ here.  They, too, help load my dishwasher. (At least they are supposed to…)

The strategy is this:  when inserting said utensils, categorize them!  Put the knives here, spoons there, salad forks in this slot, regular forks in the middle. (Or “foiks”, as my grandson called them—we were so sad when he started to say it right.  Can you relate?)  It can be a game of sorts – well kinda.  But the end result is <sigh> a work of art!  I might shed tears here…

As I was stationing each piece, I noted a few important guidelines to keep an eye on:

  1. Don’t allow spooning!  That goes for forks, knives, spatulas…  If you let it happen, things could get dirty.  Just sayin.  Mix it up a bit by angling while inserting.
  2. Don’t place the big spoons next to the little spoons.  Or the salad forks next to the regular forks.  You might have to get out your glasses to identify what real estate you designated for each dweller.  Try to replicate the position and categorization every time you load up. (Hey—for those of us in menopause, every bit of long term memory utilization is essential!)
  3. Save some room for silverware “wanna bees”—they should be in their own cubbie so putting them to bed is a one step process.  (Ex: those baby spoons or Mickey Mouse forks can share the same dishwasher slot and the same drawer slot in your kitchen.)



Am I straining at gnats?  Yes.  Yes I am.  But think of it this way: if this technique banks 14 seconds each time you unload the dishwasher, multiply that times 6 times a week, times 52 weeks a year, times the next 10 years… well, you can do the math!

Think of all the other dreaded tasks you can do with allllllll the time you have saved!

Besides, I made another observation.  This one will please my germaphobe readers–When you load up this way, unloading means less touch on the food hauling portion of the silverware, a method to aspire to, since those germs are all our common adversary.  And that’s all I’m going to say about the silverware tray.

After all, how much can a person write about loading your dishwasher, anyway?

  2 Responses to “Dishwasher Diaries- Part 3”

  1. Looking forward to the forth installment

  2. I am “racking up” more ideas….

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