Feb 172013

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My Kitchen


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The kitchen that I have now is close to my “dream kitchen”!  It is not where I learned how to cook, but it is where I have learned how to expand my cooking dimensions.  I have discovered that I can “dream” about new creations to serve.

Why it is — I do not know —  but it wasn’t until I will into my 50s before I thought that I could create a new recipe.  I had not tried to move outside of the box when it came to cooking, unless it was of necessity—say when I was missing an ingredient.  I guess it was because I am not much of a risk taker.  I like safe, I like consistency, I like predictability.

But in my mature years, I have discovered that I can create new “food stuff”!  Perhaps because I have cooked so much that I understand more of what works and why. Or, maybe it is because of boredom or the search for my new “self”?  So for whatever reason, I now find it safe to go out of the box.  This may seem like an “okay, soo….” moment to you, but the reason I write about it now is because I wished that I had made this shift earlier in life.  I could’ve been free from the constraints of cookbooks and how-tos and ready for brave new worlds so much sooner.

So this is not a new “epic” truth for you, but rather, an exhortation to you to be brave and create.  Do it sooner than I have.

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