Mar 252013

Hello!  Here it is:  New ZipList Feature

Logo of ZipList  has partnered up with Zip List an online grocery list and recipe clipping site, to help you all to save time and money.  Here’s how it works.

1. First of all, you will want to create an account….. this takes about 2 minutes and it free.
(I know, not another password to remember!)  
This one will be worth it, I promise.
2. Look for the little blue Save Recipe buttons at the end of my recipes, then,
click on them to add to your personal recipe box
3.  To ZipList recipes on sites without this feature just install a ZipList button
to your toolbar(Just like on Pinterest).  As you are browsing the web for recipes
you can zip them into your recipe box for later.  You can also create a shopping
list from the recipes in your box.
4.  You can also clip some coupons from this site.  To find out more about how
ZipList can simplify your grocery shopping and 
organize your recipes from the web click here.Also, you may want to try the new
printer friendly button, you can choose to print the recipes.  And our new share
buttons (below) will enable you to share any way
you choose.
I hope that you will find this addition to be user friendly.  One of my blog readers
suggested it a few days after I had discovered it.  I decided it was worth the “try it and see” .
Let me know what you think!
Happy Monday!
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